Refresher Appraiser Training courses for Secondary Care Appraisers

The latest round of Refresher Appraiser Training courses are listed below.

The Refresher Training Courses are joint Medical Appraiser training for both Primary and Secondary Care Appraisers. These courses are suitable for appraisers who have previously attended a NES Appraiser Training Course.  However, Experienced Appraisers who have not previously attended NES Appraiser training can also attend.

The Secondary Care Application forms can be downloaded from the bottom of the page.  If you are not a Secondary Care Appraiser, or if you are looking for details of the New Appraiser training courses, please return to the main page and select from the correct links at the bottom of the page.

Refresher Appraiser Training courses

When considering your availability, please select up to 3 courses from the list, and rank your preference accordingly.



R20 Refresher Appraiser Training
21 Feb 2018 Edinburgh (Westport)
R21 Refresher Appraiser Training
01 Mar 2018 Glasgow (2CQ)
R22 Refresher Appraiser Training
02 Mar 2018 102 Westport, Edinburgh
R23 Refresher Appraiser Training
05 Mar 2018 Glasgow (2CQ)
R24 Refresher Appraiser Training
04 Jun 2018 102 Westport, Edinburgh
R25 Refresher Appraiser Training
21 Jun 2018 102 Westport, Edinburgh
R26 Refresher Appraiser Training
10 Sep 2018 Glasgow (2CQ)
R27 Refresher Appraiser Training
11 Sep 2018 Glasgow (2CQ)


Application forms for experienced Secondary Care Appraisers

The application forms below are for Secondary Care Appraiser applicants.  Please download and review the Role Description / Person Specification document first.

Role Description and Person Specification - Secondary Care | File Size: 25.06 KB | Date Updated: 01/05/2015

Role Description and Person Specification for Medical Appraiser (Secondary Care) - PLEASE READ CAREFULLY PRIOR TO APPLICATION

After this, you can download the application and equal opportunity forms below, save them to your computer, complete them, and email both forms back to

Related Documents

Equal Opportunity Form | File Size: 89.5 KB | Date Updated: 23/10/2017

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Refresher Appraiser Course Application | File Size: 130.5 KB | Date Updated: 23/10/2017

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