Health discussion

(Primary Care)

Scenario: The Appraiser guides the Appraisee's reflection on health issues.

This simulated interview segment is not intended to be the "perfect appraisal": it should be seen as an example of appraisal techniques, but also as a talking point for alternative ways to handle the interview.

We suggest that, if you have time, you should view all the videos of the different discussions.

When you view the video, you might want to ask / remind yourself:

  • Did the appraiser set the ground rules clearly and agree an agenda?
  • How well did the appraiser establish rapport?
  • What clues do we get from the body language and eye contact?
  • Was there active listening? Who did most of the talking?
  • What was the balance of open to closed questions?
  • What was the balance between empathy and challenge?
  • How well did the appraiser reflect issues back, avoiding direct advice?
  • Was the use of factual information or suggestions too directive?
  • Is the use of humour appropriate?
  • What were the important cues from the appraisee? Did the appraiser overlook any?
  • Does the interview demonstrate the different role of an appraiser compared with that of a doctor, a mentor and a trainer?
  • When concluding each section, the appraiser checks that there is an agreed outcome: is it clear? do you feel the appraisee owns it?
  • What would you have done differently?

We hope you find the video useful. Feedback is welcome.

This page was last updated on: 05/09/2016