Step by Step Guide to GP Appraisal in Scotland

This step-by-step guide highlights the basics of GP Appraisal in Scotland using the online appraisal forms on SOAR.

The Online Appraisal Forms

The online appraisal forms are accessed via SOAR. If you are not aware of your SOAR login details, please complete the SOAR Login Request form.

The three (online) appraisal forms you need to complete which provide information for your appraiser are:

Form 1 - Background detail

Who you are, contact details and background information. Some of this information will already be provided for you. Please check that it is up to date, particularly your current preferred email address.

Form 2 - The Work You Do

A description of your current job(s) and an opportunity to describe recent changes, achievements and any problem areas.

Form 3 - Appraisal Supporting Information

This form provides a framework for your appraisal supporting information under the four GMC Domains of Good Medical Practice:

Domain 1: Knowledge, Skills & Performance

  • Last year's learning and PDP review
  • Proposals for the current year's PDP
  • Demonstration of good practice

Domain 2: Safety and Quality

  • Quality Improvement Activity (three in 5 years)
  • Significant Event Analysis (five in 5 years)

Domain 3: Communication, Partnership and Teamwork

  • Multi-Source Feedback (one in 5 years)
  • Patient survey (one in 5 years)
  • Additional reflections in a year when neither of the above is undertaken

Domain 4: Maintaining Trust

  • Self declaration statement on Health
  • Self declaration statement on Probity
  • Self declaration statement on Complaints/Critical Incidents

You need to upload supporting information to SOAR

Supporting information can be uploaded to SOAR at any time and kept in your private Documents Library. You can then link it to your Appraisal Form 3 when you choose.

You can also upload any document directly to your Form 3 from your computer if you wish to instead (documents uploaded directly to Form 3 are automatically filed in Documents Library).

Your appraiser may be happy to see some of the supporting information at the interview without you uploading it all.  This may be particularly relevant with very large documents or simple training attendance certificates.  Ask your appraiser if you think uploading an item may be a problem or perhaps unnecessary.

This page was last updated on: 01/11/2017