External Quality Assurance of Appraisal

Responsible Officers and NHS Boards are responsible for providing a high quality appraisal system for the doctors employed by, or contracted with, the Board. In addition, the General Medical Council require that there is external quality assurance (EQA) of appraisal [1].

NHS Health Improvement Scotland (HIS) already provides EQA of clinical governance and risk management in NHS Scotland [2].  It now produces annual reports on appraisal in both primary and secondary care. NHS HIS is responsible for ongoing EQA of appraisal in both primary and secondary care.

The GMC provides the final element of EQA.  The GMC require to be reassured that the underlying systems of appraisal and clinical governance are satisfactory in each designated body. The internal quality assurance and EQA systems in place will usually provide that reassurance, but the GMC will have the right to inspect in more detail if concerns arise about a specific organisation.


[1] NHS Quality Improvement Scotland. Clinical Governance and Risk Management: Achieving safe, effective, patient-focused care and services. NHS QIS, Edinburgh, 2007.

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