Supporting Information for your Appraisal

For each Domain, a number of mandatory Core Elements must be submitted.

The process of preparing your appraisal forms will involve thinking about future objectives and personal educational needs, and reviewing your personal development plans (PDP) and Form 4 from the previous year.  You should also include information about any additional educational or developmental activities you have undertaken.

We recommend you start preparing your supporting information up to three months before your appraisal.

You should submit your appraisal forms and supporting information to your appraiser 6 weeks before the date of your appraisal, unless agreed otherwise.

The quality of the preparation you undertake has a direct impact on the quality of the appraisal interview. If it is hastily done then the value of the interview will be diminished. In addition, the process of revalidation is likely to be straightforward if you prepare well for appraisal.

Core Elements

The content of the Core Elements will be different depending on your specialty, but the types of Core Elements required at appraisal is the same for all doctors.

Core ElementDomainFrequency
A) Continuing Professional Development record 1 Every Appraisal
B) Quality Improvement Activity 2 Every Appraisal
C) Review of Significant Events 2 or 3 Every Appraisal
D) Feedback from Colleagues (MSF) 3 Once in a 5 year cycle
D) Feedback from Patients (PSQ) 3 Once in a 5 year cycle
E) Complaints and Compliments 3 or 4 Every Appraisal
F) Probity statements 4 Every Appraisal
G) Health statements 2 or 4 Every Appraisal

Most doctors will present supporting information about their practice from a number of different areas each year.

To help you prepare your supporting information for appraisal, please review the guidance, resources and templates offered in the Appraisal Toolkits. Medical Appraisal is designed to support preparation for revalidation.

This page was last updated on: 09/11/2018