The Appraisal Interview

Preparing for your appraisal interview

Once your appraiser has received your appraisal forms and supporting information he/she will contact you to:

  • confirm the interview date and time
  • discuss any concerns and agree a basic agenda for the meeting
  • identify any gaps in your supporting information
  • discuss how these can be filled in before the interview date

The Appraisal Interview

The interview should be held in a mutually pre-agreed location.  For all interviews, the most important thing is that you have somewhere that you can guarantee privacy and no interruptions for the duration of the interview.  To avoid distractions, it is recomended that the interview should not be conducted at the appraisee's workplace **.

The interview is likely to last between 2 and 3 hours.

Many people find it helpful to have access to a computer to finalise the forms at the end of the discussion.

[** If you are a GP Principal the interview will normally be held in your practice, although you may ask for a different venue if you prefer.]

What happens at the end of the Appraisal Interview?

It is likely that you and your appraiser will want to take notes throughout the interview. When the interview has concluded, it is the appraiser's task to draft the Appraisal Form 4 (Summary), which is done online via SOAR.

If you do not have a login to SOAR, please apply using the SOAR Login Request Form.  Alternatively you can contact your Local Administration team to arrange this, providing them with your GMC number and email address.

When the appraiser has finished the draft on SOAR, an automated email will be sent to you requesting your review and sign off.  Once you have signed this off electronically, that will be the process completed.  You and your Appraiser (and Local Health Board Admin team) will receive an automated email confirmation when this has happened.

All Appraisal records will remain archived on SOAR.  You may wish to PDF a copy of the Appraisal Form 4 for your own folders or you leave it to be stored securely on SOAR.

Please take time to complete the confidential Appraisee Feedback Form online.

Developing over the Appraisal Period

It is important as an appraisee that you view the appraisal interview as a key stage in the process of professional development. The documentation is designed so that your Personal Development Plan can be used throughout the year to plan, manage and monitor your own development both in terms of the changes you have identified you wish to make and your educational needs.

Part of the preparation for next year's appraisal will involve assessing the progress you have made in achieving your stated objectives and meeting your identified educational and training needs.

This page was last updated on: 15/09/2017