Spellchecker on Form 4

Only available on Form 4 at time of writing (25/08/2016)

In August 2016, SOAR deployed new text editors for Form 4 as part of the work done to introduce an autosave function for Appraisers when drafting the appraisal summaries.

The new text editor has a built-in spellchecker function which is switched off by default.

You can switch on the spellchecker to enable you to "Spell Check As You Type" (SCAYT), or spellcheck each text box when finished.

Spell Check As You Type

Within each text box toolbar, there is a SpellCheck button - click on this and select "Enable SCAYT" to enable the spellcheck function. SCAYT stands for "Spell Check As You Type".

Once enabled, misspelled words are underlined red, and you simply right-click and select a suggested word to correct or replace it with as seen below.

Ignore the advertisement (if it pops up) next to the suggested words.


link to this faq

Spell Check text boxes

To spellcheck the text box at the end of your typing (instead of spell checking as you type), click on the SpellCheck button as illustrated and select "Check Spelling”.  A pop up will appear checking every word in the textbox you've selected (similar to MS Word).



Please note, this will need to be repeated for individual textboxes/toolbars. 

link to this faq

This page was last updated on: 25/08/2016