Trainee queries on SOAR

It was agreed at Scottish Government level that SOAR would be used as the common pathway tool for all doctors working in Scotland for the purposes of Medical Revalidation.

Trainee doctors in Scotland are asked to use SOAR to complete their Health, Probity, Complaints, and Work History declarations prior to their ARCP review meetings.  These self declarations, along with ARCP outcomes and other information available to the RO, will help form the basis of the Trainee's Revalidation recommendation.

For more information and general guidance on SOAR for Trainee users, please visit the Trainees page.

I'm a Trainee but I'm not sure if I need to use SOAR?

If you are in a training programme and have an Educational Supervisor, we can assume that you are a doctor in training, and require to login to SOAR to complete your declarations.  However, there are some exceptions.

The following Trainees are NOT required to login to SOAR to complete the self declarations:

  • Dental Trainees
  • FY1
  • Doctors in LAS Posts
  • Doctors in LAT Posts for less than 3 months

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I'm in a LAS post, do I need to complete the Trainee declarations?

Those doctors who are in LAS (Locum Appointment for Service) posts are not the Deaneries’ responsibility.  As such, they should adhere to the processes of the locum agency they are employed by or NHS Board they work in (such as annual appraisals). Locums for service need to comply with the policies of the organisation for which they work, and may have to use SOAR during their employment.

The RO for Trainees in LAS posts will either be the locum agency or the NHS Board they work in, depending on the length of their employment.

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I'm in a LAT post, do I need to complete the Trainee declarations?

Those trainees who are in LAT (Locum Appointment for Training) posts for more than 3 months will require to complete the trainee self declarations.

Those who are in LAT posts for less than 3 months are treated in the same way as those in LAS posts, and they are not required to complete the trainee declarations.

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I’m on maternity leave, do I have to declare this in my Health declarations?

In the Health Statement, you are asked "Since your last appraisal, have you had any illness or physical condition which results - or has resulted in - your restricting or changing your professional activities?"

If you wish, you can state that you were Out Of Programme due to maternity leave in your Work History, but no - you do not need to declare this in the Health statement.

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What does it mean where it asks me to confirm that "I have complied with the conflict of interest mechanisms of the Boards within which I work"?

This declaration simply means you have complied with the conflict of interest policies/guidance in the Health Board you worked in (e.g. I have not used Health Board funds inappropriately / I have not referred patients inappropriately to the private sector, etc).

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Probity Statement - Is a speeding ticket considered a criminal offence?

For the purposes of appraisal and revalidation, you do not have to declare speeding tickets.  But if you had to appear in court because of this, contact your supervisor and discuss the severity of this and if applicable, note it accordingly on your declarations.

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"Non-doctors" in training programmes

There are a very small number of non-doctors in training programmes (e.g. Public Health).  Because they are not doctors, they will not have a GMC number and as such, they cannot be revalidated via SOAR.  Discussion is ongoing with the GMC about how to handle this group of users.

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This page was last updated on: 24/08/2015