Role of the Appraiser

The appraisers have a key role in appraisal and therefore the Revalidation process. Effective appraisers contribute to supporting the development of their professional colleagues, and consequently to the quality of the service as a whole.

Primary Care GP Appraisers are employed by the Health Boards they appraise in.

For the purpose of indemnity, Appraisers in secondary Care are "employed" by the NHS Board in which the appraisals take place. The appraiser will be managerially accountable to the RO probably via the CD/AMD for his/her appraisal responsibilities. This could require an honorary contract.

In Secondary Care, appraisers will be expected to undertake circa 10 appraisals per year to ensure consistency of process, the maintenance of skills and the cost effectiveness of appraisal training. Primary Care Appraisers undertake circa 22 appraisals per year.

Appraiser Training

In order that enhanced appraisal is delivered to a uniformly high standard across the country, all appraisers must attend the National Appraiser training scheme, provided by NHS Education for Scotland, and are expected to attend refresher training when appropriate.

It has been agreed by Scottish Government that NES will provide the training programme for Medical Appraisers in Scotland (for both Primary and Secondary Care). 

The training programmes have been rolled out in phases.  Phase 1 began in January 2010.  It was anticipated that approximately 650 appraisers would be required for Secondary Care appraisal in Scotland. It was expected that a full complement of appraisers would have been trained by the end of 2012 when revalidation commenced. In fact circa 750 Secondary Care appraiser were trained by the end of Phase 3, in June 2013.

If you are interested in becoming a Medical Appraiser, please review the section on "Becoming an Appraiser".

NES has undertaken this training in partnership with the Health Boards.  The Boards have provided training venues and members of the tutor faculty for the courses. Courses have been delivered on a Regional basis to encourage acccess and attendance.

The Scottish Government have agreed that only NES-trained appraisers may undertake appraisals in NHS Scotland. In addition to the initial training, appraisers may be required to attend ongoing national and local training as appraisal develops.

This page was last updated on: 02/08/2017