Trainee Revalidation


Unlike GPs and Consultants, Trainee annual appraisals are organised and recorded separately outside of SOAR.  If you are unsure of the processes in place for this, please contact your Deanery Region for further assistance.


NES is responsible for the Revalidation of those Doctors in Training in Scotland.  Trainees are expected to partake in their regular training programme activities, and complete any annual processes that are required of them.

With regards to SOAR, Trainee doctors are asked to complete their self declarations on Health, Probity, Complaints and Work History via SOAR.  Whatever other processes they do outside of SOAR are expected to continue.

Revalidation is a process that happens in the background.  Unless specifically requested by the Responsible Officer or the Postgraduate Dean, Trainees do not have to do anything different / outside the norm for Revalidation, simply continue with the regular and annual processes.

This page was last updated on: 15/05/2015