What do I have to do?

Revalidation formally came into place in December 2013. By 31st March 2016, all doctors in Scotland had completed the first cycle of revalidation (unless deferred).

The Revalidation cycle is every 5 years. All those revalidated in the first cycle will be due for Revalidation 5 years from their revalidated date.

All doctors are required to continue to engage with the annual appraisal processes. This is a contractual obligation.

Irrespective of whether you are due for revalidation, the appraisal format is exactly the same as for every other year and the process is as described in What do I have to do for my appraisal this year? - the only additional consideration is for your Quality Improvement Activities (QIA) submission.

If you are within 3 years or your Revalidation due date, you are advised to start thinking about Colleague Feedback (Multi-Source Feedback) and Patient Feedback (link opens in new window) as submissions for your QIA supporting information. You do not have to undertake both in the same appraisal, but you do have to undertake both prior to your Revalidation.

You are not required to undertake any other QIA during this period if you are undertaking one or both of these activities, but if you have done so you can of course discuss it at your appraisal.

Multi-Source Feedback (MSF)

NES has provided a free MSF tool if you wish to use this.  Simply login to SOAR and click the link for "MSF" in the menu and follow the on-screen instructions.

Patient Survey Questionnaire (PSQ)

Patient Survey Questionnaire (PSQ) is organised locally by the Health Board so NES has no involvement with this. Each Health Board has its own procedures, protocols and questionnaires.  It would be counter-productive for us to advise on this.

You are best to contact the local team for further assistance.

However, most Health Boards use (especially for GPs) the CARE questionnaire for PSQ: (link opens in new window)

CARE measure is entirely doctor-centred, and its content is largely independent of where you work or whether the patient knows you.

But please consult with your local team first for clarification.

Don’t leave MSF/PSQ until last minute

Both MSF and PSQ activities take time to complete. A typical MSF should take several weeks; and PSQ should take several months in order to collate as much feedback as possible to make the exercise meaningful to you.

If possible, do these within 3 years of your Revalidation date (so the information is not too old), and try not to undertake both in your Revalidation year so you are not pushing for feedback and stressing yourself.

No MSF or PSQ?

It has been recognised that because of the nature of their work, a small number of doctors will find it difficult to provide supporting information in these two areas. There will be some doctors who have very little or no patient contact, and for these doctors obtaining patient feedback will not be practical. If you feel the nature of your work will not allow you to participate in these activities, you should raise this with your appraiser as soon as possible.

If you are participating in annual appraisal but are unable to complete all the required elements in order to be considered for revalidation, your ability to continue to practice will NOT be compromised. In this situation, the recommendation for revalidation will be deferred to allow you to provide all the necessary supporting information required by the GMC.

Your college will have further information that can help to guide you through the process and this can be accessed through the Academy of Royal Colleges or through your individual college.

If you have any other concerns or queries or think you may require additional support as a result of the Revalidation requirements then contact your appraiser at the earliest opportunity.

This page was last updated on: 02/08/2017