Documents to support DMEs and EOs

The documents below are designed to support the Directors of Medical Education (DMEs) and those from the Educational Organisations (EOs) in using SOAR and have an understanding of the overall processes.

MoU for RoT and Appraisal | File Size: 27.4 KB | Date Updated: 22/06/2018

Memorandum of Understanding: GMC Recognising & Approving Trainers (RoT) and Use of Appraisal

Guidance / Update document for DMEs and EOs | File Size: 24.52 KB | Date Updated: 03/12/2015

Last updated November 2015

SOAR User Guidiance for DMEs and EOs | File Size: 1540.31 KB | Date Updated: 22/06/2018

Last updated November 2015

How to search for someone's Form 7

Login to SOAR and navigate to the trainer's record via the Ready/Partial/NotReady lists. From there, click on the trainer's name to go to their user profile.

In their profile, you will see tabs along the top, click on "RoT Log" near top right - this takes you to a historic log of the trainer's Form 7s.

In the log, the column on the left displays the appraisal period - clicking on this will take you directly to the appraisal's Form 7 (including historic ones).

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Making use of the "Non-Named" lists for DMEs

DMEs have the function to review a list of doctors on SOAR who have no GMC named-trainer roles, but have a Form 7 on their appraisal; usually due to partially completed forms as they work towards becoming a trainer (in Secondary Care).

Since the GMC submission on 29th July 2016, we have discovered that any trainers who were removed on Turas or "not-recognised" are also appearing on the non-named lists; making it "look" wrong.

They appear because the logic for the non-named lists is for anyone with a Form 7 in their latest appraisal AND with no named-trainer roles on Turas.

Due to budgetry constraints, development work to resolve this is on hold at the moment (the fix will exclude anyone whose Form 7 has already been actioned by DME/EO from the non-named lists).

These trainers will also be removed from the non-named lists in due course once they have had their next appraisal (where no form 7 will be created).  However, there is a workaround to make the non-named lists meaningful to DMEs.

  • Login to SOAR as DME
  • Navigate to any of the Non-named trainers lists
  • In the last column on the right, click on the header "Recognition?" so that it sorts the results by "Not yet" at the top

Those on the "Not yet" lists are the only ones who needs DMEs' review (if DMEs needs to).

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No need to re-recommend or re-recognise

If a Form 7 has received a DME recommendation or an EO recognition; there is no need to make further recommendations or recognitions to it (this makes the Form 7 re-appear on the DME and EO pending lists) - UNLESS there is a change to the original decision.

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