What is Form 7?

Form 7 - Recognition of Trainer (RoT)

As part of the RoT process, Appraisees who are named Trainers are asked to make a self declaration on their status as a trainer as part of their Form 3.  This submission is discussed and summarised accordingly on Form 4 by the Appraiser.

The Directors of Medical Education (DMEs) and the Medical Schools / Educational Organisations (EOs) have NO access to any parts of the appraisal forms.

To facilitate access to the RoT material within an appraisal, a Form 7 is automatically generated upon completion of Form 4.  Form 7 takes a read-only copy of the RoT information submitted by the Trainer on Form 3, and a copy of the Appraiser comments from Form 4 in respect of RoT.

Form 7 is the only part of the appraisal process that DMEs and EOs have access to.

For guidance on the RoT processes itself, please visit http://www.scotlanddeanery.nhs.scot/trainer-information/scottish-trainer-framework/

This page was last updated on: 16/02/2018