Deanery Region (Trainees) Admin teams

The following user guidance is for Deanery Regional admin teams.

SOAR Deanery Admin Handbook | File Size: 1807.65 KB | Date Updated: 29/08/2014

A reference tool to aid the Deanery regional teams in working with SOAR.

Initiate Declarations for Trainees on SOAR | File Size: 779.53 KB | Date Updated: 05/03/2015

Step-by-step guide on how to create new declarations prior to ARCP review season (taken from handbook)

How do I deal with SOAR login requests from trainees?
  • Trainees may approach you for help with login:
    • By Telephone
    • By Email
  • Users are encouraged to submit SOAR Login Request form
  • Currently, Trainee login requests are sent to:
  • Submitting the Login Request Form does NOT automatically create or update the user account - you (as Admin) need to action this, following local checks

Checking the Trainee details

  • Check to see if the user is on Turas
  • If not on Turas, refer to the deanery regional procedure and await user's addition
  • Trainee doctors are added to Turas from UK national systems (after a number of checks are performed)
  • Search for existing account on SOAR
    • Search GMC number, email and spelling of surname
  • Amend login details
    • Check 'last updated' date (in case already actioned by someone else)
    • If account locked: unlock, save, then reset
      • Accounts are locked if user provided correct login name and password - but entered incorrect security question 3 times
    • Assign a dummy password (at least 8 characters long and alpha-numeric); or
    • Use reset button to wipe password and security questions
  • System will send automated email to Trainee confirming their new login details

Trainee not on SOAR?

  • Check Turas
  • All Trainee data on SOAR is imported from Turas in an overnight process
  • If a Trainee's start date is set in the future, their details will not get imported until that date
  • Check for Start Date typos (e.g. entering wrong year by accident)
  • Email for further investigation

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