Performance Review

For Appraisers

Appraisers in Primary Care are required to undertake annual performance reviews with their Local Appraisal Advisers (LAAs).  Form PR1 is to be completed by the Appraiser prior to the Performance Review meeting; Form PM2 is to be completed by the LAA after the meeting.

Think of it as Performance Review's version of Forms 1-3 (PR1) and Form 4 (PM2).

Please note, in addition to the completed forms, Appraisers' Feedback Forms (6a and 6b) should also be reviewed.

Secondary Care Appraisers currently are not required to undertake annual Performance Reviews.

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Appraiser Performance Review form (PR1) | File Size: 75 KB | Date Updated: 01/12/2015

Preparation Form - Appraisers complete this prior to their Performance Review with their Local Appraisal Adviser/Lead

Appraiser Performance Management form (PM2) | File Size: 47 KB | Date Updated: 01/12/2015

Local Appraisal Adviser/Lead uses this form to record details of discussions with Appraiser

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