Domain 2:

Safety and Quality: Audit

Audit and other Quality Improvement Activities (QIA) for OOH doctors

Using the case summaries from a sample of your consultations can provide you with audit material. You can repeat the audit cycle again later using similar consultation data to see whether any changes introduced after the first part of the audit have been effective.

An Audit Template and guidance developed by NHS Education for Scotland is available for download below.

We have provided some examples of topics and criteria which you might choose from. You are recommended to use criteria and standards which you can justify. The ideas cover:

  • Audits:
    • Antibiotic usage
    • Pain control
    • Testing and investigations
  • Interaction with A&E staff
  • Clinically challenging situations
  • Referrals review

If you choose one of the prescribing-related audit topics, you might want to consider repeating the exercise for another sample at a later date, to complete the "audit cycle" - an 8 criterion audit.

Medicine Standard Audit Report Format (2019) | File Size: 1500 KB | Date Updated: 29/04/2019

This tool was developed by NES, and is used by the NES Peer Review Audit and SEA Group. For more information please visit NES website.

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