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Example 4 - Clinically Challenging Situations

If you are unable to undertake the preferred options in examples 1, 2 and 3, you could use the topics below for reflective learning with your appraiser.

Clinically Challenging Situations

Write Reflective Case Reports on two of the following in which you have been involved:

  • Deaths in the OOH period: sudden or anticipated deaths
  • Patients with a mental health problem whose behaviour causes major concern
  • Situations involving personal risk - violence or threats towards you or a colleague with you
  • Intimate examinations and the use or lack of chaperones
  • Concerns about children at risk

Either use the Case Report Proforma (available for download below) if you have a report of a challenging situation which you feel, with hindsight, you might have handled differently.

You could identify any additional support or prior training that you feel might have been helpful at the time.

You could also discuss your report with a peer group and develop a draft guideline on how your challenging situation could be optimally handled.

Or as an alternative, you could use a Management Plan Proforma (also available for download below) to demonstrate a challenging event in which you used a guideline or protocol that your OOH service has in place.

You can comment on how successfully you were able to implement the guidance and what you learned from the event. You may want to feed back to the service on the success or potential pitfalls in its advice.

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