Domain 1:

Knowledge, Skills & Performance

Review of last year's Learning - PDP and Unplanned Learning

Review of last year's Personal Development Plan (PDP)

In this section you should provide supporting information that confirms you have met the needs identified in your previous PDP (as agreed at last year's appraisal). You should reflect on the level to which the objectives have been met, how you met them, and the reasons why you have not undertaken a proposed activity, if appropriate. If your objective is not completely met you should consider whether this should or could be addressed in more depth.

The supporting information that you provide will depend upon what your learning objective was.  For example, a certificate of attendance at an ALS course would demonstrate that you had met a need to update ALS skills, or inclusion of a practice protocol for management of a collapsed patient would demonstrate that you had met a need for developing a system within your practice for coping with this clinical scenario.

Reflection of your learning as supporting information is equally important.  There are comments boxes on appropriate sections of the appraisal forms to record this.  Or you can use the reflective templates provided on SOAR.

Other Learning Activities

You should also include supporting information about educational activity that was not originally included in your learning plan in this section. This can include certificates of attendance (courses provided by accredited providers), Review of Other Learning Activities forms, practice or personal protocols, management plans, or guidelines. Review of Other Learning Activities forms for any activity provides the opportunity to consider how the knowledge / skills / attitudes learned may be implemented, or what further learning is required.

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