Domain 2:

Safety and Quality: Audit

Audit: Initial Data Collection (1)

5. Initial data collection (1)

The initial data collected should be presented using simple descriptive statistics in table format or using graphs (bar charts, pie charts etc).  Remember to quote actual numbers (n) as well as the percentage (%).  Do not quote irrelevant data (for example, on age, gender, or past medical history) if it bears no relation to your chosen audit criteria.

For an example of data collection (1) presentation, download the word document at the main Audit page.

In the above example the initial audit shows that current practice is below the set standard.  It is important to comment on the difference between the first collection of data (current practice in this area) and the standard previously set (the desired level of care).

Points to consider:

  • Present initial data in a simple way (as above).  Remember to include actual numbers as well as percentages.
  • Do not present irrelevant data that is unrelated to your audit criteria.
  • Always comment on how the initial data findings compared with your standard.

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