Domain 2:

Safety and Quality: Audit

Audit: Preparation & Planning

4. Preparation & Planning

This is an important section that is often overlooked when compiling an audit report. As previously explained, if you work in a team, audit should not be undertaken in isolation - consensus on a topic is necessary, findings should be shared and recommendations for change need to be agreed amongst the team if the audit is to have a successful outcome. Teamwork is therefore essential to practice-based audit, and this must be demonstrated during the audit and evidence of this should be provided in the report. Quite simply explain in one paragraph who was involved in discussing and planning the audit, how the data were identified, collected, analysed and disseminated and who gave you assistance at any stage of the project (e.g. with a literature review or with collecting or analysing data) if this was required.

If you are working on your own (for example a peripatetic locum) planning and preparation are even more important. You need to identify criteria and standards which can be benchmarked - perhaps by working with a group of other sessional doctors - and which cover an area that you personally can measure and change. Some help and suggestions for this appears in the sessional doctors section.

Points to consider:

  • Describe the preparation and planning involved in undertaking the audit.
  • Demonstrate evidence of teamwork in the preparation and planning of the audit.

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