Domain 2:

Safety and Quality: Prescribing

Planning to Address Issues identified

Having identified areas where change would be desirable, you need to develop a plan which will lead to the desired change. You need to reflect on how effective your proposal will be in bringing about the desired change.

In some cases the change will be accomplished as part of the study of this area of essential evidence. In others, a larger piece of work is required, and should be included in your personal learning plan. For instance, the out-of-hours doctor who had surveyed prescribing in his organisation had found that a large range of antibiotics were used, and that when compared to local and national guidelines this suggested that prescribing in certain conditions was less than ideal. With the support of his medical director he set up a group to develop an antibiotic prescribing policy for the organisation, and included this project in his personal learning plan.

Reviewing the Changes

Having implemented change, you should reflect upon the need to review the change in the future. For instance, our out-of-hours doctor might repeat his survey after the introduction of his policy.

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