Background Information

Appraisal Form 1

Background Details

In Form 1 of your Appraisal Forms, you are asked to provide details of your career and professional status.  The information you provide will remain on the system until you edit it.

Whilst Form 1 is unlikely to change frequently year on year, it is still good practice to ensure your information is up-to-date when submitting your Forms.

Examples of information required:

  • Registered / Contact address
  • Main Employer
  • Main Place of Work
  • Other Employers
  • GMC Type
  • Date of primary Medical Qualification
  • Specialty etc

NB:  When asked for "Start Date of first appointment as a Career Grade doctor in NHS" (Q1.8), we are looking for the period/date when you were first appointed to a LAS (Locum Appointment for Service) post - for example, 1st Feb 1976, or Autumn 1987 etc.

This page was last updated on: 15/05/2015