Current Activities

Appraisal Form 2

Current Activities / Work You Do

Form 2 provides an opportunity for you to describe your current post(s) in the NHS, in other public sector bodies, and/or in the private sector, including titles and grades of any posts currently held or held in the past year.

Information you provide should cover your practice at all locations since your last appraisal or during the last 12 months, whichever is longer.

You may wish to comment in addition on factors which affect the provision of good health care, including your views on resources available and action taken to address any obstacles to the provision of good health care.

Examples of information required:

  • Description of your work in your specialty
  • List your main sub-specialist skills and commitments
  • Details of out-patient work
  • List any non-clinical work that you undertook in your current post as a doctor
  • List any work you undertake for regional, national or international organisations etc.

If you have a current job plan, you should include it as well.

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