Joint Academic and Clinical Appraisals

The Appraisal Forms and documents in the toolkit should be used for appraising all non-trainee and medical staff, including staff with honorary NHS appointments.

The appraisal may be undertaken jointly between a university appraiser and an NHS appraiser unless there has been agreement between the academic institution and the Chief Executive of the NHS Board where an appraisee may have a single appraiser who acts on behalf of both.

It would be expected that the emphasis of documentation may be slightly different for an academic appointment e.g. it would be expected that Domain 4, Maintaining Trust, would have a greater emphasis on the research role.

Joint Appraisal on SOAR

On SOAR, there is a function which marks individual users as "a Clinical Academic with an honorary role with the NHS".  This is actioned by local Administration teams within the Health Boards.  Once marked, the appraisee will have an additional "Academic Medicine" form to complete in their appraisal forms.

The local Admin teams can also assign the University Appraiser (referred to as the "co-Appraiser" on SOAR) to the Appraisee on SOAR.  When this is done, an interview can then be created (by the main/clinical appraiser) to include the Co-Appraiser so that the appraisal forms/documents are shared when submitted to the interview by the Appraisee.

If the interview was created BEFORE the Co-Appraiser was assigned, please contact the SOAR helpdesk for assistance in recreating the interview to include the Co-Appraiser.

More information on the joint appraisal process on SOAR is available as a Powerpoint slideshow below.

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