Supporting Information

Appraisal Form 3

Appraisal Form 3 is used to collate and document your Supporting Information, outlined by the 4 Domains as set out by the GMC.

Within the 4 Domains, there are mandatory "Core Elements" for which the appraisee is required to produce supporting information.  The appraisee should also consider which speciality-specific supporting information they need to include to satisfy their own College requirements.

Some supporting information can be used to populate more than one domain.

Core Elements

Core ElementDomainFrequency
A) Continuing Professional Development record 1 Every Appraisal
B) Quality improvement activity 2 Every Appraisal
C) Significant events 2 or 3 Every Appraisal
D) Feedback from Colleagues 3 Once in a 5 year cycle
D) Feedback from Patients 3 Once in a 5 year cycle
E) Complaints and compliments 3 or 4 Every Appraisal
F) Probity statements 4 Every Appraisal
G) Health statements 2 or 4 Every Appraisal

Most doctors will present evidence about their practice from a number of different areas each year.

Please be aware, when uploading or documenting any supporting information for your upcoming appraisal, you MUST NOT upload documents which contain Patient Identifiable Information. There is no justification for Patient Identifiable Information (PII) to be entered or uploaded to SOAR. To do so would be a breach of the Caldicott Principles, the Data Protection Act 1998 and the NHS Scotland Code of Practice on Protecting Patient Confidentiality.

If necessary, you can bring hard copies of the supporting information with you on the day of the appraisal meeting.  However, we ask that you document the materials you are bringing in the appropriate comments boxes on the online forms.  This way there is a record of what material was brought to the appraisal meeting.

Your appraiser's role in looking at the material you choose for appraisal is to help you reflect on the supporting information you have produced, and what you have learned both from the evidence itself and from the process of producing it. They will help advise you on the quality of your supporting information but it is not their role to 'mark' any material you may need to submit for revalidation. If you are concerned about your supporting information being suitable for revalidation, your appraiser may advise further or recommend you use one of the local peer review processes if these are available for doctors working in your region.

To help you prepare your supporting information for appraisal, please review the Core Elements and other items listed in the submenu (on the left).  Each item will have different guidance, templates and resources aimed to support preparation for appraisal, and ultimately revalidation.

This page was last updated on: 15/05/2015