Continuing Professional Development (CPD)

Core Element A (Domain 1)

Domain 1: Knowledge, Skills and Performance

Continuing Professional Development (CPD) is a continuous learning process that complements formal undergraduate and postgraduate education.

Good medical practice requires all doctors to:

  • Develop and maintain your professional performance (para 7-13)
  • Apply knowledge and experience to practice (para 14-18)
  • Record your work clearly, accurately and legibly (para 19-21)

GMC (2013) Good Medical Practice, [Online], Available:

CPD is required for every appraisal.

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An online CPD log has been added to SOAR so you can enter your CPD entries directly, rather than using this spreadsheet. However, if you wish to use the spreadsheet instead, please note the following instructions: This Excel spreadsheet is designed to help the user record their Learning Activities throughout the year. Save this spreadsheet to your computer (right-click > Save target as) and work on this as you go throughout the year. Upload the final version to SOAR when the time comes for your appraisal. Make sure you check the worksheet "Examples and Tips" for guidance. Although originally designed specifically for GPs, it can also be used by consultants (just ignore the impact scoring).

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