Review of Significant Event Analysis (SEA)

Core Element C (Domain 2 or 3)

Domain 2: Safety and Quality

Significant Events Analysis (SEA) is a method of reflective learning which can be used to analyse episodes of care which would benefit from further review and reflection and can inform and develop future practice. SEAs are commonly used to analyse incidents where patients experience unintentional harm - or could have been harmed - as part of the care process. However, the SEA process can also be used to analyse examples of high quality care.

For those who work in environments where SEA is not applicable, then a review and reflection on why it is not applicable would be beneficial.

Review of SEA is required for every appraisal.

Good medical practice requires all doctors to:

  • Contribute to and comply with systems to protect patients (para 22-23)
  • Respond to risks to safety (para 24-27)
  • Protect patients and colleagues from any risk posed by your health (para 28-30)

GMC (2013) Good Medical Practice, [Online], Available:

Resources you may find useful

The National Patient Saftey Agency have a template / guidance for SEAs that they developed with input from NES. For further information please visit:

NES has developed an Enhanced SEA which is available on Turas Learn:

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