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Safety and Quality

Significant Event Analysis


Learning from significant events has now become an established part of general practice, with the majority of practices undertaking SEA regularly as part of the nGMS contract framework.

As a sessional GP, opportunities may be limited for you to participate.

Working solutions for the sessional GP

  • Consider joining a group of sessional GPs. Many sessional doctors find this is a useful way to exchange information about common problems, obtain peer support and learning from each other. Some groups have regular educational programmes and using SEA as a learning tool could support the appraisal process and provide evidence for each group member.
  • If you have a practice for which you provide regular sessional cover, ask if you can attend any SEA sessions they may hold. It may be possible to include an event where you were one of the professionals involved, and you may gain some support from the process of exploring the difficulties the team members have encountered.
  • If you don't have access to a regular practice, but an event took place when you were doing a casual session which caused you concern, you could ask the practice concerned if they would consider holding an SEA and including you in it. This may seem threatening for you, but it can often defuse their concerns or misunderstandings about your role as the outsider.
  • If these options seem difficult to arrange, try a case report proforma. This is not ideal, because part of the learning process is to explore with others what went well, what could have been different, and what has been learned from an adverse event. Your appraiser will be able to help you reflect on the case report, but an independent peer or group of peers can allow you to produce a more balanced report to discuss with your appraiser when you meet.

There are a variety of alternative templates and resources which you may find helpful.  Please see list below.

Seven Practical Steps for SEA | File Size: 146.5 KB | Date Updated: 12/02/2014

This document includes case studies, and dummy sample SEA report.

SEA - Peer Review feedback form (blank) | File Size: 1531 KB | Date Updated: 12/02/2014

This Peer Review feedback tool for SEA reports came from NES, and is used by NHS Greater Glasgow & Clyde's Peer Review Audit and SEA Group. For more information please visit NES website.

Learning from Significant Events | File Size: 185.2 KB | Date Updated: 12/02/2014

Paul Bowie, PhD, associate adviser in postgraduate GP education, NHS Education for Scotland, Glasgow - Bowie P. Learning from significant events. Practice Nurse 2010; 39(12): 11-5

SEA - Report template (blank) | File Size: 1227.16 KB | Date Updated: 11/04/2017

This SEA report template came from NES, and is used by NHS Greater Glasgow & Clyde's Peer Review Audit and SEA Group. For more information please visit NES website. (Please note that the form must be opened via Internet Explorer)

Ideas for Audit: Practical guide for Audit and SEA for General Practice | File Size: 2425.26 KB | Date Updated: 10/02/2015

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