Domain 3:

Patient Surveys

This is perhaps the most difficult area in which the sessional doctor needs to gather evidence for appraisal.

Different arrangements exist currently in each Health Board and there is at present no plan to provide a single approved model. Doctors who see few patients may experience difficulty in getting sufficient replies, and some settings are by their nature difficult (prison service or other secure environments for example).

In all cases you will need to prepare in advance.

It is suggested you contact the practice manager before you arrive, and ensure that you will be able to get the reception staff to assist you by:

  • Handing out questionnaires to patents before they see you
  • Providing them with pens
  • Collecting them after they leave your consulting room

You may find it helpful to offer to share the results of the survey with the practice at a later date.

Patient surveys

The GMC questionnaire. The GMC has produced a generic questionnaire for all doctors to use if they wish. It is free at . The GMC also provides a self-assessment questionnaire which allows you to compare your own views with those in the survey.

GPAQ. This is probably done most easily if you are able to take part in a practice's annual survey of all the doctors, and it was once used as part of the QOF process. It is still available and in use in some practices, but much of the content will be of little relevance to you, since it deals with accessibility issues, reception and other aspects of the practice. Only a few sections deal with you as a doctor, and the feedback is limited.

IPQ. The Improving practice questionnaire is similar to the GPAQ, again focussing on many aspects of practice services over which you have no control as a sessional doctor. The section on communication skills may be helpful to you however, and it is an option to consider if you want to receive feedback from patients in this area. Remember it is not funded for practice use under nGMS in most areas, so you would need to pay for its use.

CARE. The CARE measure is entirely doctor-centred, and its content is largely independent of where you work or whether the patient knows you. Again, it is free.

Patient enablement questionnaire. You can undertake an enablement questionnaire much more easily as an individual, and the questionnaire is included in this Toolkit. It is much shorter and more specific about the outcome of your consultations than CARE, but it is not always relevant to the reason that a patient may be consulting.

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