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Bringing clinical knowledge to point of care: Invitation

Posted Date: 18 Sep 2014

Invitation to join Clinical Reference Group for national provision of clinical evidence summaries.

NHS Education for Scotland Knowledge Services is tendering for clinical evidence summaries to make available through The Knowledge Network.

Clinical Evidence Summaries provide evidence in actionable formats to support  healthcare practitioners in making decisions at point of care. They include resources such as Dynamed, Uptodate, Best Practice, Clinical Key, and others. This  initiative supports delivery of the Knowledge into Action strategy, and responds to clinician demand for improved provision of evidence summaries through The Knowledge Network.

NES Knowledge Services is now looking for volunteers with the time and commitment to participate in a Virtual Clinical Reference Group to support this project.  Members of this group will contribute by email, telecon and web in the following ways between October 2014 and March 2015:

  • October to early November: Defining requirements for clinical evidence summaries – by participating in one webex, interview or questionnaire survey.
  • Late November: Providing feedback on draft requirements specification.
  • February to March 2015: Contributing to the evaluation and selection process by providing feedback on demos and trials of products put forward by suppliers, taking into account affordability and sustainability as key factors in their recommendations.

The selected resources will be made available during 2015-16 in the first instance, with an option to extend to future years.

This is a unique opportunity to play a part in providing national resources that help to embed use of evidence in frontline practice.  To indicate interest in joining  the Clinical Reference Group,  or to find out more, please contact Derek Boyle, Senior Knowledge Manager, NHS Education for Scotland

Members of the Clinical Reference Group will also have the opportunity to join  the Knowledge into Action Clinical Champions Network. This Network:

  • Spreads the word among clinical colleagues about new clinical knowledge products – e.g. the clinical pathway publisher tool, sepsis app for maternity care, polypharmacy guidance mobile app.
  • Advises NES Knowledge Services on production of new services for frontline clinical practice – including the Knowledge Network Evidence Channel currently under development.
  • Has access to a programme of virtual and face to face educational opportunities for translating evidence into frontline practice.

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