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Autosave by default - DISABLED

Posted Date: 30 Jul 2018

Following further user feedback on their experience with SOAR using Internet Explorer, we have made the decision to DISABLE the recently introduced Autosave function for ALL users, EXCEPT for Appraisers.

Autosave is still available to everyone, you just need to opt-in to it.

For Appraisers, unless you have disabled it manually yourself, this function will remain enabled for you (for the purposes of Form 4).

This decision was reached after much deliberation and research. Whilst globally in 2017/2018 usage of Internet Explorer was less than 4%, on SOAR it is 42%... a lot of this is down to the equipment available to users at hospitals and GP practices. Unfortunately it is not possible to wait for local hardware and software to catch up, so we have made the difficult decision to disable Autosave for all users by default.

For those who uses computers at home to access SOAR, please consider enabling the Autosave to avoid potential loss of work (especially if you do NOT use Internet Explorer).

Autosave can be enabled / disabled by:

  1. Clicking on the Autosave icon/status message in the header (after you have logged in)
  2. This will take you to your profile setting
  3. Check or un/check the tickbox on screen
  4. Finish by clicking on the Save button

Please note - there will be some pages on SOAR where the Autosave is not applied.  In these pages, the autosave status message in the header will display "Not available/applicable", indicating that you need to click Save on the page before progressing.

Where Autosave is enabled or not applicable, the status message will be blue.

Sincerest apologies for any inconvenience this causes.

Kind regards,

William Liu
Snr Information Analyst (NES Digital)

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