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Do you use Hotmail?

Posted Date: 19 Sep 2014

Microsoft has blocked SOAR system emails

If you use Hotmail as your email provider, you might not have received any automated emails from SOAR for about a week.  This is due to Microsoft placing a block on our web host provider's email facilities, stopping all system emails from arriving to your inbox.

This will have meant that the system will not have been able to contact you if your Appraiser has sent you a draft of your Form 4 to review and approve, or vice versa, you (the Appraiser) will not have been notified of your appraisees' appraisal form submissions.

The web host is liaising with Microsoft to ratify this urgently.  However, we are unable to provide a date on when this might get resolved.

You may wish to consider using a different email address for SOAR for the time being.

Alternatively you can create a new email address with another provider, and use that to set up an automated re-direct.  (Please see guidance via our Technical Queries section.)

Apologies for any confusions and inconvenience this has caused.

William Liu
Information Manager (Medical Appraisal)

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