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"Resolved" issues function available for Appraisers on Form 4

Posted Date: 14 Oct 2013

Allows the overwriting of "issues" to "resolved" on self declarations

"Issues" on Form 4

When drafting Appraisal Summary Form 4, Appraisers will sometimes find that in the appraisee's self declarations, some of them have been marked as "issues", some "No issues".  When marked as "issues", it means the appraisee had provided an answer in the Health / Probity / Complaints statements that require discussion.

"Resolved" function on Form 4

If the "issue" is minor (e.g. GP had been off work for so many months due to illness or maternity leave; or they had received a complaint which has been dealt with and resolved etc), if the issue does not need to be escalated for the RO's attention and if appropriate, you can use the new "Resolve" function on the Form 4 to overwrite "Issues" to "Resolved".

The "Resolve" function is a simple button next to the word "Issues" on Form 4 (remember to click Save!)

This function is only available to any unsigned/incompleted Form 4s.  If there are any signed off Form 4s that require to be overwritten, please email with details (GMC number of appraisee, date of interview) and we will action this behind the scenes.

Many thanks,

William Liu
Information Manager (Medical Appraisal)

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