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Secondary Care SOAR Users - Please Read

Posted Date: 07 May 2014

Your action is requested for HIS reports

##  This is a message for Secondary Care users on SOAR  ##

Dear all,

Some of you will have already noticed that when you login to SOAR, the layout of your profile page has changed somewhat with the addition of a "Secondary Care Role" dropdown selection.

HIS (Health Improvement Scotland) is tasked with reporting annually to the Scottish Government regarding medical revalidation.  As part of this, a number of reports/figures generated from SOAR are used when the HIS reports are requested of the Health Boards.

One of the HIS questions asks for the numbers of different Secondary Care users in the local health boards.  To this end, we have implemented the "Secondary Care role" dropdown menu to aid with the reporting needs.

It would be of tremendous help to all of us if you could:

  • review the the categories below
  • select one that most applies to you, and
  • login to SOAR to update your user profile (click on "My Details" from the menu after logging in).

Your time and help is greatly appreciated in this matter.

Kind regards,

William Liu
Information Manager (Medical Appraisal)

If you belong to multiple groups, please select the one most applicable for reporting purposes.  The information you provide is ONLY used for the HIS reporting requirements.

  • Consultant - including honorary contract holders (e.g. university employed staff with a licence to practise, clinical academics and NHS lecturers);
  • SAS doctors and Specialty doctors - including hospital practitioners and clinical assistants who do not have a prescribed connection elsewhere;
  • University employed / clinical academics with a licence to practise (who are neither a consultant nor on the performers list) and who do not have a prescribed connection to NES;
  • Secondary Care locum - employed for 2 months or more in the past 12 months (can be consecutive months' or combined total);
  • Independent healthcare providers only - all doctors with practising privileges who have a prescribed connection to the organisation/Health Board (regardless of grade);
  • "Others" - i.e. doctors in management/leadership roles, the civil service, doctors in wholly independent service, doctors not directly employed, agreed as responsibility of the Responsible Officer.

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